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Mackinac Bridge, Michigan By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2019

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Built in the 1950s, the Mackinac Bridge is truly a feat of engineering genius. The total length of the bridge is an impressive five miles long. In fact, the Mackinac was the first bridge of its kind ever to be constructed, making the structure rather innovative in its own way. To honor this feat of design ingenuity, diligent human effort, and the ongoing maintenance and tender care that goes into keeping this bridge operating in tip top shape, Anderson Design Group handcrafted an illustration of the mighty structure, using nothing but pencils, brushes, and a stylus. We modeled this American Travel illustration after the mid-century Golden Age of Illustration. Such a style gives our artwork a vintage poster art quality without adding on the vintage price tag. To learn more about the bridge, check out the Mackinac Bridge Authority.

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