Bigfoot By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2020

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Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Who hasn’t heard the story of the huge, ape-like creature allegedly seen walking upright through the woods of the Pacific Northwest? While the creature is said to be an icon of American folklore and a “fictitious” creature, dozens of Americans will swear that they have sighted Bigfoot. And Bigfoot is not a new story, either. While Bigfoot sightings didn’t really start occurring until the mid-1900s, the indigenous peoples of North America have told stories for hundreds of years of a “primitive man” walking among them. In fact, the name “Sasquatch” is actually a native term from the Sts’ailes First Nation in western Canada. And while a majority of scientists have discounted the existence of Bigfoot, every few years another sighting occurs, and non-believers become believers and believers become dedicated story-tellers. To celebrate the story of what might be America’s most famous mystery, Anderson Design Group rendered vintage poster art of Bigfoot. This retro-styled artwork will look great as a travel poster, art print, notecard, postcard, metal sign, canvas, or banner. And to learn more about the Bigfoot legend, read the full story at the Bigfoot Legend Newspaper.

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