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Zion National Park: The Great White Throne By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2017

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The Great White Throne is a beautiful, unique mountain in Zion National Park. The mountain is notable for both its shape and color. Though much of the park’s geological formations are made from white Navajo Sandstone, this one appears more of a stark, brilliant white than others around it. The mountain has historical significance too. It was given its title by a traveling Methodist minister in 1916. The minister named the mountain after the Great White Throne from the Bible. Anderson Design Group handcrafted this national parks illustration to eternalize the Throne in an early-20th century illustration style, a genre fitting the throne and park both. You can remember a pleasant visit to this awe-inspiring peak with a full canvas banner or a framed art print. To learn more about the park, visit the Zion National Park Forever Project.

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