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Iraq By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2020

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In Arabic, Iraq means, “Deeply rooted, well-watered, fertile.” Centrally located in the cradle of civilization, Iraq is home to the world’s earliest form of writing, “cuneiform script.” During the Middle Ages, Baghdad was the largest multicultural city in the world. Today, Iraq is still home to some of the oldest human-built structures in the world, attracting thousands of visitors each year in spite of the conflict that rages across this country and much of the Middle East. In the hopes of peace in the Middle East and a preservation of this region’s historic structures and cultures, Anderson Design Group hand- rendered vintage poster art of Iraq, a colorful and classic design of one of the country’s ancient towers. Available as a poster print, canvas, banner, or metal sign, this artwork serves as a reminder of Iraq’s history and the importance of preserving it. To learn more about the country, visit the World Travel Guide.

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