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Kenya, Africa By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2021

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Kenya is an African nation of diverse natural beauty and deep cultural tradition. From the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro to stunning coastline on the Indian Ocean, to savannah, lakes, forests, prairies, and the beautiful Great Rift Valley, Kenya is a wilderness traveler’s paradise. Kenya is also home to protected wildlife species like lions, zebras, elephants, and rhinos. Visitors to Kenya can enjoy observing these animals in their natural habitats at Maasai Mara Reserve and Amboseli National Park. In an effort to canvas the world, (pun intended!) Anderson Design Group’s award-winning artists rendered vintage poster art of a Kenyan savannah complete with zebras and an African mountain range in the background. Available as a poster, print, banner, metal sign, notecard, or postcard, this work of art looks wonderful on any wall and in any home or office interior design style. To learn more about Kenya, be sure to visit the website for Magical Kenya.

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