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San Marino By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2019

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San Marino is a beautiful, tiny, totally independent country that is yet entirely surrounded by Italy. The self-proclaimed oldest country in Europe and the fifth-smallest country in the world, San Marino was founded in the year 301 CE. Though San Marino is an independent, sovereign nation, citizens of San Marino speak Italian and San Marino has open borders with Italy. Inspired by the unique country, Anderson Design Group crafted vintage travel poster art of the Fortress of Guaita, a mesmerizing, ancient structure from the 11th Century CE. The fortress offers incredible views of the surrounding countryside. This classic, hand-made illustration of the Fortress of Guaita is available as a canvas banner, framed print, framed postcard, or as a set of notecards or postcards. To learn more about the country and the best ways to visit it, check out Visit San Marino.

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