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South Africa: Muizenberg Beach By Steven Garcia, Joel Anderson, 2021

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South Africa is known for being one of the top-rated surfing destinations in the world. Muizenberg Beach, often thought to be the best and safest place to learn how to surf, is coveted for its gentle and consistent waves, shallow water, surf instructors, and “shark spotters.” The beach is also instantly recognizable for its brightly colored beach huts, iconic structures that have adorned Muizenberg Beach for decades. Inspired by one of the world’s top destinations for surf and beach-loving travelers, Anderson Design Group poster artists hand-rendered vintage works of the Muizenberg Beach beach huts, designing the travel poster in a style reminiscent of the early-20th century Golden Age of Illustration. Available as a poster, print, banner, notecard, postcard, framed postcard, canvas, or banner, this artwork is the perfect decor addition for any beach house, bungalow, or sunshine-inspired decor setting. And to learn more about Muizenberg Beach, visit the website for the False Bay Tourism and Business Association.

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