National Park Adventure Board Game (Best Seller)

National Park Adventure Board Game (Best Seller)

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Anderson Design Group has partnered with AmericanFlat to create a gorgeous, fun, and educational board game. Our new National Park Adventure Game features hundreds of our award-winning nature illustrations along with lots of interesting facts, trivia and educational content from our best-selling books. The easy-to-understand rules and engaging gameplay make this board game the ideal entertainment for family gatherings or dinner parties. Whether it’s game time for adults or a family game night, our National Park Adventure Game has 2 difficulty levels for age-appropriate fun. If you love exploring nature, American National Parks, wildlife, strategy, luck, and learning, you will love this new board game!

> Family board game for ages 7 and up
> Great for 4 to 6 players
> Two different playing modes based on player’s age
> 6 metal animal-themed playing pieces
Matte laminated, foldable board for easy storage
48 keeper cards and 62 park cards packed with exciting trivia facts
> Illustrated and designed by Anderson Design Group

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