So you’ve decided to redecorate! The task may seem daunting at first, but it's easier than you think to decorate your home with poster art, coffee table books, postcards, metal signs, and other unique, eye-catching aesthetic pieces.

At Anderson Design Group, our art is often called vintage-styled art or travel poster art due to our timeless, classic vibe. People find it quite easy to decorate with vintage art because the style is so heartwarming, iconic, and colorful. It is an art that is soft enough to blend well with other art styles yet bold enough to make a statement.

Read through the list below for quick decor ideas and design tips on making your home decor pop with original illustrations, coffee table books, art prints, wall art, and more.

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Interior Design Ideas

A great home decor strategy is to go beyond what looks good and explore what feels good. Here is an example: Many ADG customers like to create “bucket list walls” of places they want to visit. Similarly, some customers have decorated their living rooms with ADG poster art of all the places they’ve been, to commemorate their American Travel or World Travel adventures. You can find great interior design ideas of your favorite travel destinations in our American Travel and World Travel poster art collections.

If the American Travel or World Travel Collections are not providing the perfect look for your bucket list wall, other collections that create great interior design options are:

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Decorating with Coffee Table Books

Decorating with coffee table books is a great way to add a special, unique touch to any room. For example, Anderson Design Group’s 63 National Parks: Updated Edition Hard Cover Coffee Table Book measures 9” x 12” and is full of original illustrations of the 63 American National Parks. The book also has new photos, countless hiking tips, fun facts about the National Parks, oil paintings, historical photos, a map of the USA, travel tips, and the 100-year history of the National Park Service. This book is not only aesthetically pleasing and, therefore, ideal as a living room centerpiece, but it’s also fun to pick up and read and a great item for entertaining a guest or starting a conversation. Coffee table books set the mood for a space by creating an aesthetic and educational tone, a statement like, “The owner of this home is well-read and savvy in their decor! Beyond the National Parks coffee table book mentioned above, Anderson Design Group also has coffee table books of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the Grand Circle, and more!

In addition to coffee table books, other artistic design placements could include:

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Living Room Interior Design

The living room design and decor are the most important in the home because the living room is the room dedicated to entertaining guests and socializing. With that in mind, interior design enthusiasts should consider a custom grouping of framed prints or canvases—or a mix of both! One way to achieve this look at a reduced price is with a poster art gallery wall— essentially a collage of different-sized wall prints laid out in a specific design that is visually aesthetic and compelling. With that in mind, Anderson Design Group’s Curated Gallery Wall Sets make a big statement, as they are pre-selected and pre-arranged to produce the most powerful visual effect. These pre-built sets feature six gorgeous, ready-to-hang framed prints. The Curated Gallery Wall Set takes the guesswork out of decorating a living room, and the sets are quite affordable! Sold separately, customers would ordinarily spend over $550 on the posters and frames. But with the Gallery Set, customers save hundreds of dollars and get a pre-designed gallery wall with just one purchase. And with eight different wall sets to choose from, it’s the perfect low-cost solution to decorating the living room.

If the Curated Gallery Wall Set takes up too much space, consider the following:

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Contemporary Decor Combined with Vintage Decor

House decor should offer a visually pleasing blend of complementing interior design styles. It’s important to consider the style of the room before choosing the style of the art. For example, bright rooms with large windows and plenty of natural light look best with lighter-colored artwork. If you have a room like this, a good choice would be ADG’s Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvases. The off-white borders of the canvas and the cheerful, bright colors in the archival inks blend well with bright, naturally-lit interior spaces. On the other hand, rooms that utilize all-wood interiors (log cabins, cottages, lodges, man caves); and other interior spaces that may have darker hues and a more mysterious, even moody design (basement spaces, workshops, studies, or dens); would likely look better with ADG’s Metal Signs. Embodying a retro feel and perfect for outdoor and indoor decor alike, metal sign decor has a look and feel of vintage posters while still being made with 21st-century printing techniques and UV coatings that keep the signs lustrous and colorful for years to come.

If you’re not feeling Gallery Wrapped Canvases or Metal Signs, other excellent wall art and interior design options include:

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Home Office Decor

What about the home office design? When decorating the house interior, one should always pay attention to the home office decor, especially since so many Americans work from home. We recommend mini canvases to save room in your home office but still give it a splash of color and stylish decor that makes working from home fun again. These beauties offer all the aesthetic joy of full-size poster art but in a space-conservant size option. Another great option is an artistic wall calendar, a great way to bring art into the home office and keep track of appointments all at once.

Other home office decor ideas include:

Have Fun Decorating!

There are so many ways to decorate a home, and doing so should be a fun and creative venture. The important thing is to have fun, to express yourself, and to love the end result! And if you ever run out of ideas, Anderson Design Group has over 3,000 original designs and illustrations that can be custom ordered in a variety of sizes as art prints, framed posters, canvases, mini canvases, metal signs, notecards, or postcards.

Take care and happy decorating!

Ren Brabenec

Anderson Design Group Staff Writer

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