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Bryce Canyon National Park: Thor's Hammer By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2019

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Bryce Canyon is known for its incredible rock formations, but none is likely as fantastic or unique as Thor’s Hammer. A massive stone spire 150 feet tall and crested by a huge block of sandstone, one can see how the rock formation got its name. Thor’s Hammer is an iconic example of a hoodoo, a special type of rock formation common to the Badlands and surrounding areas. Thor’s Hammer was created over thousands of years of erosion, and it was formed in the shape it is in due to harder, more resistant “caprock” resting atop soft, underlying rock layers. Inspired by such a creation that can only be possible in the hands of Nature and Time, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage poster art of the hoodoo, a classic rendition of the spire partially silhouetted against the sun. This artwork makes for a fantastic souvenir from a trip to Bryce Canyon National Park. Available as an art print, banner, sign, notecard, or postcard, Thor’s Hammer would look great on any wall. And to learn more about the many attractions of Bryce Canyon National Park, check out the Bryce Canyon National History Foundation.

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