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We are a full-service Graphic Design and Illustration Studio.

You may know us for our prints and gifts. But did you know that we also design, hand-letter and illustrate for companies of all sizes? We have created award-winning artwork for clients such as Macy’s, Uinta Brewing, Universal Studios, Coors, Chrysler, Denny’s, Harper Collins, and others since 1993. Feel free to contact us if you are in need of our professional design services.

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OUR PHILOSOPHY: As artists and craftspeople, we are passionate about our work — it is an extension of who we are. We love our hometown, Nashville, Tennessee. Each day, we get up and go to work, using our talents to create affordable, accessible art that makes people smile. Our goal is to connect with others by producing high-quality prints and gifts that beautify everyday life. In doing so, our small business creates opportunity for artists, printers and paper vendors, shipping partners and many others who take pride in working with their hands.

• We believe in generosity. It is our pleasure to donate prints to local charities who sell them at silent auctions to raise funds and awareness for their ongoing work with at-risk people. It is our privilege to donate 10% of our annual profits to a number of non-profit organizations. Your purchases help battered women, under-privileged students, homeless people, parks & greenways, and young people who want to pursue a career in the visual arts.

• We love to train and mentor young artists. We regularly host tours for college design and illustration classes to see our studio, meet our artists, ask questions, or apply for internships. If you are an illustration or design professor and you would like more info about scheduling a class tour, please email us at:

• We appreciate your interest in our work. Your purchase supports the arts and fuels small business. It also helps us to preserve time-honored craftsmanship and train a new generation of master-illustrators! So thanks for buying our art and for telling your friends about us—your support allows us to do what we love and pay it forward to others!

OUR HISTORY: Our founder Joel Anderson graduated from Ringling School of Art & Design in 1986. He was recruited straight from college to work as a staff illustrator and designer at Carden & Cherry Advertising in Nashville, TN. While at C&C, Joel won an Emmy Award for his work on the CBS show Hey Vern, It's Ernest. Joel worked at C&C for 7 years, learning the art & science of advertising (and how to talk like Ernest P. Worrell). In 1993, Joel and his friend David Thomas founded Anderson Thomas Design, Inc. The firm focused on CD package design at first, and quickly grew into a diverse print & web design company with a client list that included Universal Studios, MCA Records, DreamWorks Pictures, Golden Books, Hasbro and more. In 2007, the partners decided to pursue different interests, so Joel reorganized the design firm as Anderson Design Group, Inc., narrowing the studio's focus to specialize in illustrative design, branding, product development and poster design. We still do a lot of design work for clients, but all of our spare time is now devoted to creating new poster art. We have a team of artists who help us produce 4-6 new posters each month, constantly adding to our 3,000+ designs.

OUR TECHNIQUES: Through the years, we have studied the Masters of the Golden Age of Poster Art. Inspired by the graphic design and illustration from the late 1800s to the mid-1900s, we enjoy doing as much as possible by hand. We start out by sketching up ideas. Then we draw, paint, and hand-letter our poster concepts before we move to the computer (a finishing tool that helps us spend less time cleaning brushes and allows us to edit our work more easily). Our goal is to do art the way it was done before the era of cameras and computers. We strive to create prints that look like they were produced in the early part of the last century. Once we have finished a design, we produce a small number of prints, working closely with local printers who are dedicated to creating the highest quality and most affordable art possible. We hope you can see and feel the quality that goes into our gallery prints and collectible gifts. And we hope you enjoy our creations as much as we have enjoyed producing them! Thanks for supporting the arts and small American businesses like ours.

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