Frequently Asked Questions

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    Do you create custom posters? How much does that cost?

    Yes! A custom illustration usually costs between $4,500 – $6,500 depending on the style of illustration.

    ​What are the dimensions of your framed prints?

    The dimensions are as follows:

    11x14" (Simple): 13x16"

    11x14" (Standard): 18x22"

    11x14" (Deluxe): 20x24"


    18x24" (Simple): 20x26"

    18x24" (Standard): 26x32"

    18x24" (Deluxe): 28x34"


    24x32" (Simple): 26x34"

    24x32" (Standard): 32x40"

    24x32" (Deluxe): 34x42"

    ​I would love a poster of (blank) but y'all don't have it. Do you take requests?

    Absolutely! We love getting feedback about our current designs, & requests for new ones are always welcome! Don't forget to include some reference photography too. Inspiration always helps the creative process. We have an ongoing "to-do" list, but we will often prioritize cities / locations that we receive a large amount of requests for.

    I need postcards for my wedding / event. How do I order those?

    All of our 1,800+ designs are available as postcards or notecards. Take a look!

    ​How do I become a wholesaler?

    Please visit our wholesale page to submit a wholesale inquiry. We will provide you with the next steps if you qualify.

    ​May I license your images?

    You must receive express written consent & sign a license agreement with us before becoming a licensee. Send us your information to file your licensing request.

    Are your designs reproductions of vintage artwork?

    No, all of our designs are original pieces. Our first collection (the Spirit of Nashville) was born in 2004. Many of our illustrations are rendered in an early 20th century style (such as the WPA-inspired National Parks series). All of our artwork is copyrighted and is not public domain.

    Are you Hatch Show Print?

    Surprisingly, we get this question a lot. No we are not Hatch, but we are big fans (and neighbors)! Hatch uses a block letter-press printing process and has been creating posters for over a 100 years. We begin all of our poster art with a hand-illustrated process that is then uploaded and finished digitally. We do not do concert posters either.

    ​Do you have originals of the posters for sale?

    Since most of our designs are finished on the computer, few "originals" of our illustrated posters exist. Some of our posters are based on original acrylic or oil paintings. We actually have small exhibit space in our Studio Store where we show and sell original works of art by Kai Carpenter and our founder Joel Anderson.

    ​How are your prints shipped?

    Posters are carefully rolled (with white gloves!), placed in sealed plastic sleeves and packaged in cardboard tubes.​ ​We ship via USPS, UPS, and FedEx Home & Ground Delivery with options for speedy or regular delivery times.​ Framed prints are packed out with protective materials in a sturdy cardboard box and shipped with shatterproof plexiglass.​

    ​Are your prints standard frame size?

    We strive to make framing as inexpensive and easy as possible. Our two most popular print sizes fit standard 11x14 and 18x24" frames.

    ​What if I want to order just one postcard?

    Because of production costs, the minimum number of postcards we can print is ​8 cards. You can choose 8 of the same design or use our Build-Your-Own Postcard Set feature and choose 8 different designs!

    ​Do you offer bulk discounts?

    Yes, ​for orders $200 or more, ​please shoot us an email. We do not offer discounts on framing as frames are provided by a third party.

    ​Do you have stores all over the US?

    Though we do wholesale and distribute our ​work throughout the US, the one and only Anderson Design Group Studio Store is located in Tennessee at 116 29th Avenue North Nashville, TN 37203. Come say hey!

    I am an artist. Can you sell my work?

    Sorry, we do not carry or sell artwork​ by anyone outside of our team of artists.

    What kind of paper are your posters printed on?

    Our posters are printed on acid-free, gallery-grade paper.

      What if I cannot find ​the design I want?

      Utilizing the "search bar" is always a great way to start. If you still aren't finding what you're looking for, ​the item may be​ ​out of ​print or no longer available.

      Do you have gift cards?

      Yes! ​​Take a look at your gift card options​.​

      How do I remove myself from your email list?

      ​We usually send​ one email a month and a few more around Christmas or when we have ​a ​special sale. But if you want to opt out, click this link or email us with REMOVE in the subject line.

      Does the image on your site accurately represent what I will be sent?

      We strive for a high degree of image accuracy. However, in some cases, the visual representation may be approximate or​ ​prints may​ ​slightly​ ​vary. If you are not satisfied with the product you receive, refer to our Return Policy.

      How much is customs when delivering to another country?

      Unfortunately we are not able to predict or collect customs fees for international orders. The shipping fee you pay at checkout covers transit only; you will be responsible to pay all fees / customs your country requires upon importation of your order.

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