• Rick Koch

    Let me say, that the art work created for these fabulous National Parks posters, puzzles and other fine art offerings by Anderson Design Group are simply spectacular! My wife and were looking for some jigsaw puzzles to help pass the time during the pandemic stay-at-home and we found some true gems in the Anderson Design Group National Park Series of puzzles!!   I am a graphic artist myself and these masterpieces are so true to many of the vintage Park Service illustrations I knew I had to collect the entire “60 Illustrated National Parks” series of puzzles. So far, I have only managed to collect three of the five  puzzles (not surprising that they have been sold out for some time!!) but I will keep searching until I have all five.   Learning that all of Anderson Design Group’s art for the parks series is original by their own designers is very impressive, incredible in fact.   We have a cabin in the mountains about a mile from the west entrance of Rocky Mountain National Park. After seeing the first puzzle, I knew we had to have them all and display them proudly there.  As you can see below, we’re leaving space for the remaining two puzzles in this series.  Keep up your amazing work with your amazing illustrators.  Their works is pure art!

    Rick Koch

  • Patrick Rodden

    I saw your post on Instagram about people who have walls full of your art. I’ve talked to Molly (from Support Team) about my bedroom full of your art because it puts me in a happy place. Attached is a pic to show you what I mean. I ordered I think 7 more prints this past week. I have to keep moving pieces to ensure that there is room. Even all the 4x6 in the upper right are yours. There are even prints behind where I took the pic! Your work takes me to the parks and back to many good memories. It inspires me to continue to get out and move around. I recently was put on volunteer staff as an interpretive volunteer ranger at Pinnacles National Park. When I see your art, I am instantly transported to my journeys, my work and my love for nature. Thank you for all you do.

    Patrick Rodden

  • At the risk of sounding like a Superfan, I first want to say that I really love your work.  My husband and I have collected framed posters of all the places we've lived (we've moved around a lot) and they bring back wonderful memories for us.  The artwork really captures the places beautifully, and they also serve as great conversation starters.

    Erin Hendrickson

  • I love my order - it's beautiful, was perfectly packed to be safe but not overdone with packaging, your communication has been not only informative and timely but light hearted and fun.  So happy to have found your group!  Thank you for a job well done!

    Kristy Drollinger

  • Sue Kline

    ​Just wanted to let you know we received the posters and have them hung. We had a party yesterday and everyone loved them! We are planning to add more as we travel and see new places. Thanks for your beautiful work. Hope to be ordering more soon.

    Sue Kline

  • Aidan Hoyal

    Anderson Design Group poster art plays a really important role in my recently built guest suite. I live in the Hillsboro West End Neighborhood, walking distance from your shop. In August 2017 I started planning to build a master suite addition onto our home. In order to help pay down the debt to build, I decided to offer the space as a short term rental for a while. We showcase TWELVE of your 18x24 posters in our guest suite, and I have them displayed in different ways depending on the specific space. I used to be a Spanish teacher, and I love traveling, languages, and learning about other cultures. My hope is to provide a similar experience for my guests by sharing many of the things I love most about our community. You are a big part of that.  I'm so glad you're a part of our village! 

    Aidan Hoyal

  • Thank you for the fabulous cards. They will look great framed as I add them to the family collection of awesome places we've visited. I will definitely use your services again. And I will spread the word. 

    Todd Flanders

  • I am really appreciative of your willingness to work and invest in your customers, it is quite refreshing after always dealing with faceless global organizations.  I was referred over to you by a friend that used your postcards as table & name cards for their wedding and I absolutely loved the art. Because of this I am using the world travel postcards to create an art wall with places my wife and I have been able to travel to. They way you treated me as a customer & your obvious talent for art- will have me returning for any future places I visit to add to my wall. I just wanted to take a second to really show my appreciation for your product and your great customer service.

    Bryan Eisenberger

  • Ryan & Rebecca Rogge

    I found ADG online totally randomly. I was starting to plan our 2017 travels, which include lots of national park stops. I don’t remember the exact keywords, but I searched for something having to do with national parks and road trips, and ADG’s national parks line popped up in the results. We immediately fell in love and wanted to share it with our readers because we knew they’d love it, too!

    Ryan & Rebecca Rogge

  • Marc Crosby

    My wife and I absolutely love your designs. We purchased some of your National Park designs for our home when we lived in Missouri and did not know you were a Nashville-based company until a coworker mentioned it to me. When we saw the calendars we knew we need to have our own wall calendar and now it's an annual tradition! We use the prints to decorate in our living room.

    Marc Crosby

  • JP Gisclair

    I can’t say enough about this talented group of creative professionals. I’ve not only enjoyed the work they produce for our enjoyment in our home but also the interactions I’ve had with them via email and during the online checkout process. I love the ability to customize any 8 postcards I want which allows me to choose place I’ve been for the wall. I even use the travel categories for scouting new potential destinations. With a baby on the way, I suspect we may scout out the Kiddy Korner category since we will be converting one of our rooms to a nursery and since we have plenty of frames to utilize.

    JP Gisclair

  • Kate Morton

    I had ordered the "Red Canyon" piece and was sent "Red Rocks Canyon" by mistake. I contacted the ADG customer service and received a personal response within a few hours. I always appreciate when a company can respond quickly to an inquiry or issue, as I pride myself on doing that within my own business. Just a few quick emails back and forth and my issue was remedied and the correct piece of art was in the mail. They even offered to let me keep the original wrong piece. I have not been to Red Rocks Canyon yet, but it is somewhere that my parents have visited many times on their travels to Las Vegas, so I am going to gift the piece to them! So that little shipping mistake worked out surprisingly well! I will definitely order more artwork from ADG in the future and am excited to see what they come up with next!

    Kate Morton

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