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Death Valley National Park: Sand Dunes By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2018

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The sand dunes of Death Valley offer enjoyment to visitors of all ages. They’re easy enough to get to, and youngsters can even “sand board” down them. Did you know, if you listen close enough, that the sands will sing to you? When the sand particles slide down the steep faces of the dunes and the winds are just right, a sound like a distant airplane or the bass note of a pipe organ can be heard. Fascinating. Our handcrafted classical illustration of the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes conveys some of that mysterious beauty, showing the sweeping expanse of the dunes in a style rendered after the WPA-commissioned artwork of the early-1900s. To learn more about the dunes and the other marvels of Death Valley, visit the Death Valley Conservancy.

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