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Yellowstone National Park: Gray Wolf By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2015

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What could be more symbolic of nature than the image of a howling wolf? Wolves are a favorite North American animal, and several packs of them call Yellowstone National Park their home. In fact, the Yellowstone wolf packs are a crucial factor in the park’s ecosystem. Efforts to reintroduce wolves into Yellowstone allowed for the rebounding of other species of both plant and animal life, as the wolves curbed the uncontrolled growth of large game populations. Anderson Design Group handcrafted this national parks poster to symbolize not only the imagery and sensation that wolves create, but also to honor the beneficial influences of wolf packs on the environment. Wolf lovers and park aficionados alike can appreciate this vintage art print, designed after the WPA-commissioned artwork of the mid-1900s. You can read more about the wolves of Yellowstone at Yellowstone Forever.

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