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Cicada Invasion: Southern Brood 1 By Andy Gregg, Joel Anderson, 2021

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Appearing at random and in different parts of the country, the cicada is without a doubt one of the most peculiar of insects. These wild-eyed buggers arise from the depths of the earth once every few years, and it’s tricky to predict where they’ll swarm to next! In the last few years, these singing fly boys have seemed to be drawn to the South, hence the “new and improved” Great Southern Brood of 2020. The cicadas were just here in the South not that long ago and, determined not to be a one hit wonder, the cicada “brood band” is back for another show! If you ever had an interest in seeing a cicada bug up close and personal, now is definitely your chance! And don’t forget to celebrate the occasion with classy vintage poster art from Anderson Design Group. Inspired and excited by these odd bugs and their attraction to the Southeast, our Nashville artists hand-rendered vintage poster art of cicadas dressed in southern fashions. Decorate your home with art like no other, all of which is available as a poster prints, canvas banners, notecards, postcards, or metal signs. And to learn more about the cicada and its odd habits, check out Cicada Mania.

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