New Zealand: Auckland By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2018

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Did you know that, with a population of just under 4 million yet a landmass comparable in size to Japan, New Zealand is one of the least populated countries per square mile in the world? And that’s really something too, considering how beautiful and awe-inspiring this country is. No point in the island nation is more than 74 miles away from the ocean, and the incredible mountains and headlands of the island nation are world famous. Anderson Design Group crafted vintage travel poster art of the Auckland skyline, an art deco rendition of prominent Auckland skyscrapers. The perfect reminder of a trip to Auckland or a great gift to the Kiwi friend in your life, this retro illustration is available as a framed print, canvas banner, or metal sign. And to learn more about New Zealand, be sure to check out 100% Pure New Zealand.

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