Arches National Park: Park Avenue Trailhead By Arden von Haeger, Joel Anderson, 2024

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Arches National Park evokes a special type of wonder and joy, the natural rock formations looking as though they were formed by the hands of giants. It’s these incredible formations that inspire us to create vintage poster art, to depict stunning rock formations in original illustrations and National Park art. To celebrate the iconic vista as seen at the Park Avenue trailhead, Anderson Design Group collaborated with master pastel artist Arden von Haeger on this original illustrated travel poster. Arden's classic hand-rendered illustration style conveys grandeur, romance, and nuance. His inventive use of color and his unique Art Deco styling deliver a delightful new take on some of America's most iconic destinations. The Park Avenue Trail is one of the first major attractions within Arches National Park. It is a one-mile trail that follows the bottom of a canyon at the feet of some of the park’s gigantic and well-known monoliths. The massive sandstone towers that make up the western background of Park Avenue are called the Courthouse Towers. Like the prows of enormous ships, these landmarks jut out into the desert below, some of them over 600 feet tall. Celebrating Arches National Park in rich earth tones, this artwork will make a beautiful gift or a unique decor accent for your home or office. Rendered in the spirit of early 20th-Century travel posters and vintage illustrations, this classic design will look great as a framed print, canvas, metal sign, mini-canvas, or as a postcard or notecard. To learn more about Arches National Park, be sure to visit the website for Friends of Arches and Canyonlands National Park.

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