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Congaree National Park: Daybreak By Kenneth Crane, Joel Anderson, 2020

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Designated to preserve the largest area of old growth bottomland hardwood forest left in the United States, Congaree National Park offers a mysterious kind of beauty that is unique and fascinating. With some trees within the park estimated to be well over 500 years old, the loblolly pine and cypress of the park tell a story as old as time itself. Inspired by the trees and the wildlife that lives among them, Anderson Design Group artist collaborator Kenneth Crane hand-rendered a graceful and emotive design of the park. Vintage poster art styled like no other, this illustration would make a fantastic decor piece for your home or office. Available as a poster, postcard, notecard, canvas, banner, or metal sign, this artwork can be arranged in a style and size of your choosing. To learn more about important conservation efforts in Congaree National Park, check out the website for the National Park Foundation.

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