Lake Clark National Park: Moonlighting By Kenneth Crane, Joel Anderson, 2021

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Roughly the size of the state of Connecticut, Lake Clark National Park spans 4 million acres of protected lands in Southwest Alaska. One of the few Alaskan parks which offers year-round activities, visitors come to the park to enjoy its deep, rich rain forests, its many lakes and streams, and its awe- inspiring coastline. The park’s diverse ecosystem means that almost all of Alaska’s animals, both terrestrial and marine, can be found in the park. Anderson Design Group created this classic national parks poster design to commemorate Alaska’s most welcoming park. The handcrafted illustration depicts a brown bear and her cub as they traverse a lakeshore looking for salmon. Enjoy this vintage travel art as a sweeping canvas banner, framed art print, or metal sign. To learn more about the park, visit the National Parks Conservation Association.

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