Legends Of The National Parks: Crater Lake's Creature From The Deep By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2022

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Perhaps the Loch Ness Monster is not the only creature of the deep! From Indigenous legends to eyewitness accounts of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts who visited Crater Lake National Park, several stories have cropped up over the years, records of a large, dragon-like, potentially prehistoric aquatic creature that lives in Crater Lake. Intrigued by the stories of Crater Lake's resident legend, Anderson Design Group poster artists rendered a retro-styled illustration of the creature, an original design of what we think this beast might look like. Available as a poster, print, canvas, banner, metal sign, notecard, or postcard, this vintage poster art will look great as a wall decor piece. Or gift it to a friend who loves the outdoors and cryptozoology! To learn more about Crater Lake’s legendary monster and the other supernatural and mythical happenings in and around Crater Lake National Park, check out this article at Ranker.

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