Antelope Canyon, Arizona By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2020

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Canyons appear in all shapes and sizes all across the world. However, the American Southwest is home to a truly unique type of canyon, a canyon found almost nowhere else on Earth. These are the magnificent slot canyons, sandstone rock structures that are the result of millions of years of seasonal rains and wind. The sloping, curving angles of the narrow canyons coupled with shafts of light making their way down to the canyon floor create truly picturesque settings, any photographer’s dream. One canyon in particular, Antelope Canyon, caught the eye of our artists here at Anderson Design Group. This canyon winds its way through the Navajo reservation, east of Page, Arizona. Inspired by the incredible swoops and bends in the sandstone rock, almost like liquid waves in the sandstone, Anderson Design Group rendered vintage poster art of Antelope Canyon, a handcrafted rendition of the canyon in the vintage art styles of the early-20th century. Available as a poster, art print, postcard, notecard, metal sign, canvas, or banner, this artwork would look great on any wall. And to learn more about the canyon or to schedule a tour, check out the website for Discover Navajo.

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