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Black Elk Peak, South Dakota By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2020

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Welcome to Black Elk Peak, the highest point in South Dakota. On top of the peak rests an old fire lookout, a tower that used to be manned around the clock. The purpose of the tower was to allow watchers to spot wildfires in the Black Hills and to enable them to act quickly to put such fires out. The tower was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the mid-1930s. The peak rests in the Black Hills National Forest, meaning that visitors to the peak can look out from the tower and witness the beauty of nature untouched by man for hundreds of miles. Ourselves lovers of a good view and an endless expanse of nature, the Anderson Design Group art team rendered vintage poster art of Black Elk Peak, designing the artwork after the WPA-commissioned works that would have been in vogue when the Civilian Conservation Corps built the fire tower. Available as a poster, print, notecard, postcard, metal sign, canvas banner, or hand-stretched canvas, this artwork makes for an excellent souvenir or gift. And to learn more about Black Elk Peak, visit the peak’s information website.

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