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Chiricahua National Monument, Arizona By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2022

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Chiricahua National Monument is a 12,025 acre protected area located in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona. It is a magical "Wonderland of Rocks" with an 8-mile paved scenic drive and 17-miles of day-use hiking trails. Located approximately 36 miles southeast of Willcox, Arizona, the monument preserves the remains of an immense volcanic eruption that shook the region eons ago. Thick, white-hot ash spewed forth from the nearby Turkey Creek Caldera, cooled and hardened, laying down dark volcanic ash and pumice which eventually eroded into the natural rock formations we see today. The Faraway Ranch, which was owned at one time by Swedish immigrants Neil and Emma Erickson, is also preserved within the monument. Chiricahua National Monument was established on April 18, 1924, to protect its extensive hoodoos and balancing rocks. Inspired by the natural beauty of the monument and the history behind it, Anderson Design Group poster artists hand-rendered a vintage-styled poster art design of the monument. Available in several sizes as a canvas, print, framed art piece, metal sign, notecard set, postcard set, or mini canvas, this original illustration embodies the aesthetic wonder of vintage art, travel art, and poster art. To learn more about the wonders of Chiricahua National Monument, check out the website for the National Park Service.

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