Coyote Buttes, AZ: Inside The Wave By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2021

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The world-famous Wave is in the northern section of Coyote Buttes, about halfway between Kanab, Utah and Page, Arizona. This fantastic work of nature appears to be like dyed water, hardened into stone, undulating and wave-like in formations of red, yellow, pink, and white Navajo sandstone. Only twenty hiking permits are given out each day for the Wave, so only the most persistent of adventurers ever get to see this beauty up close. But the trip is more than worth it, as there is no other formation on Earth quite like the Wave. In awe of the forces of Nature required to create this work of art, Anderson Design Group’s artists handcrafted their own rendition of the Wave, vintage travel poster art that serves as a tip of the hat to Mother Nature’s own creation. To learn more about the Wave, check out the Utah Travel Website.

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