Goblin Valley State Park, Utah By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2018

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A quick look at some of the rock formations in Goblin Valley State Park and one can easily see why this park was given such a unique name. Often having its topography compared to that of Mars, Goblin Valley State Park is covered in sandstone “goblins,” hunched rock formations that seem to sprout out of the ground. Visitors to the park can camp among the rocks, take day trips, hikes, bicycle tours, and even fly drones! Anderson Design Group created vintage travel poster art of the park, capturing in retro styles the Three Sisters, one of the more well-known rock formations in the park. This artwork is styled after the turn-of-the-century vintage poster art, classic renditions meant to look like early-20th century artwork. To learn more about the park and the best times to visit it, check out the website for Utah State Parks.

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