Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2019

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A state known for its protected lands, Utah offers both National Parks and State Parks to its visitors. One example is Kodachrome Basin State Park, a park designated to protect the incredible stone spires and monoliths that seem commonplace in this 2,240 acre park. Located just 20 miles from Bryce Canyon National Park, this park is a great way to enjoy the natural marvels of the American West and to do so while avoiding some of the larger crowds that the nearby National Parks tend to attract. And with beautiful attractions like Grosvenor Arch and Willis Creek, the park is well worth taking an extra day while in the region to explore some of the off-the-beaten-path natural wonders of Utah. Inspired by the beauty of the park, Anderson Design Group crafted vintage travel poster art of the park and its rock formations. To learn more about Kodachrome Basin State Park, visit the website for the Outdoor Project.

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