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Scotts Bluff National Monument, Nebraska By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2018

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A striking rock formation that towers 800 feet above the North Platte River, Scotts Bluff National Monument in Nebraska has served as a monument and landmark to peoples from Native Americans to colonial emigrants to travelers exploring Nebraska today. The monument features striking landmarks like Scotts Bluff and Mitchell Pass. The monument also protects about 3,000 acres of paleontological history, unique geological formations, and old wagon trails from the colonial era. Seeking to capture the historic nature of the monument, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage travel poster art of Scotts Bluff National Monument, artwork styled after the early-1900s. Give this retro art to a friend or family member, or keep it as a home decor item and reminder of a trip to the paths of our ancestors. To learn more about the monument and the history behind it, visit the website for the National Park Service.

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