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Shiprock Peak, New Mexico By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2018

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Welcome to Shiprock Peak. Few rock formations look quite like this one, hence its designation as an American Natural Wonder. Located just 15 miles southwest of Shiprock, New Mexico, this towering peak soars up quite suddenly out of the flatlands and is visible for miles in all directions. Formed by volcanic activity countless millennia ago, this peak still stands as a testament to the powers of the Earth beneath our feet. Visitors to the peak can take photographs and make cherished memories of the peak, but the peak itself is a sacred monument of the Navajo Native American tribe, so climbing on the peak is forbidden. Inspired by the honored peak and its towering nature over the surrounding landscape, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage artwork of the peak. To learn more about the peak, click on over to Discover Navajo.

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