Tumacácori National Historical Park, Arizona By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2024

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Part of preserving iconic American wilderness also means preserving the history of the people who lived in these places in centuries past. The Wupatki National Monument, located in north-central Arizona near Flagstaff, is one such site. Nestled between the Painted Desert and ponderosa highlands of northern Arizona, Wupatki National Monument is an unlikely landscape for a thriving community. But in the early 1100’s (when these homes were built) this region experienced cooler and wetter weather, and the ancestors of contemporary Pueblo communities created a bustling center of trade and culture here. For Indigenous peoples alive today, these sites represent the footprints of their ancestors, and it is an honor for the National Park Service to preserve them for future generations to enjoy. To celebrate the paths less traveled in national recreation areas (these places receive far fewer visitors than National Parks), Anderson Design Group poster artists hand- rendered an original illustration in the fashion of vintage poster art and travel art. This retro design and original National Park art is available as a poster, print, canvas, mini canvas, metal sign, notecard, or postcard. To learn more about this and many other sites preserved and protected by the National Park Service, check out the dedicated webpage for the <a href="https://nps.gov/aboutus/national-park-system.htm"target="_blank"><font color="#eb5927"><b>National Park System.</b></a></font>

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