Florida State Pride By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2019

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Did you know that there are roughly 1.25 million alligators living in Florida? That’s about one alligator for every 21 people in Florida! But it makes sense, especially when a drive down famous “Alligator Alley” in Everglades National Park is almost sure to give one a good look at these magnificent beasts sunning themselves near the roadway. Inspired by these great reptiles and their ever-present nature in Florida’s marshlands, Anderson Design Group created a vintage travel poster of the mighty reptile, a state pride poster for Florida and a tipping of the hat to the many creatures that call the Floridian peninsula home. Available as a print, canvas, sign, banner, or as a set of notecards or postcards, this artwork looks great on any wall. To learn more about Florida and to get good travel ideas and tips, check out the extensive directory for convention and visitors bureaus in Florida.

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