Indiana State Pride By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2019

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Famous for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and nationally-attended events like the Indy 500, Indianapolis rivals Michigan in being a motor state. Michigan might make the cars, but Indianapolis certainly knows how to drive them! Indianapolis is also known for its manufacturing, for being the birthplace of baseball, and for having more interstate miles per square mile than any other state. Indiana is also home to more than 100 native tree species. Before the arrival of pioneers and colonial settlers, about 80 percent of Indiana was covered in forests. Today, Indiana has made strides in conservation, seeking to preserve its natural lands. Taking inspiration from the vintage travel poster art of the early- 1900s, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage art of Indiana, a fitting rendition of the famous speedway and cars racing along it. To learn more about Indiana and some of this state’s beloved travel attractions, check out the website for Visit Indiana.

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