Alaska: Iditarod Trail Dog Sledding By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2016

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Few events earn national recognition like the Alaska Iditarod, a dogsled race across a 1,000-mile snow- covered trail. This event is the most popular sporting event in all of Alaska, an annual sensation which takes place every March. The race was first established in 1967 and it continues to this day. This race is quite unlike any other sporting event in the U.S. It has a certain, wild nature to it. Maybe it’s the cooperation of man and dog, (dogs being man’s oldest friend), that creates the primal aura surrounding this impressive feat of teamwork. Anderson Design Group handcrafted this American Travel poster to commemorate the race. Order this vintage art print as a custom-sized and framed print, or choose a canvas banner or metal sign format instead. To learn more about the race, check out The Last Great Race.

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