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Alaska: Whale Watching By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2016

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The icy ocean waters which surround Alaska may seem inhospitable to humans, but this region is a beloved home for the Beluga, Humpback, Grey, Orca, Bowhead, Blue, Right, and Minke whales. That’s eight species of whale which congregate in Alaskan waters! Whale watching is one of the top tourism draws for Alaska, and these docile and pleasant creatures are more than willing to show off for onlookers. Our illustrators at Anderson Design Group captured the iconic image of a diving whale in this early-20th century-style American Travel illustration. Show your love for the whales or remember a fond trip to the Last Frontier with this vintage travel art as a canvas, framed print, metal sign, or framed postcard. To find out more about the Alaskan whales, visit the Alaska Trekker.

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