American College Towns: Tacoma, WA By Kevin Clark, Joel Anderson, 2019

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Seeking to pay homage to great college towns across America, Anderson Design Group handcrafted vintage poster art of Tacoma, Washington. The city of Tacoma, the home of UW Tacoma, rests beneath the shadow of mighty Mt. Rainier, the tallest mountain peak in all of Washington State. A young college which only just opened its doors in 1990, UW Tacoma has doubled its student body since 2006 and has grown into a four-year institution. Along the way, UW Tacoma revitalized the formerly rundown Pacific Avenue corridor as well as the Tacoma downtown district. This retro artwork, handcrafted and styled after the vintage designs of the early-1900s, would make a fantastic gift and wall decor piece for a UW Tacoma grad or a Tacoma resident. To learn more about Tacoma or to plan a trip there, check out the Tacoma Visitor Information Center.

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