Anchorage, Alaska By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2016

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Anchorage, Alaska is the most populous city in the great Final Frontier. The city and metro area in fact comprise more than half the state’s total population. Anchorage is a beautiful city, sophisticated, culturally diverse, a major shipping port and huge refueling stop for cargo airliners. The city has a budding tourism industry, has won the All-American City Award four times, and is one of the friendliest towns in the U.S. This was truly a city worth eternalizing in early-20th century design styles. Our illustrators at Anderson Design Group handcrafted this vintage American Travel poster art to celebrate the city, featuring the city skyline, guardian mountains in the background, and the Big Dipper and North Star in the skies above. To learn more about Anchorage, visit the Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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