Big Sur, California: Bixby Bridge By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2021

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While most tend to appreciate Big Sur, California for its stunning geography and natural beauty, there are some manmade creations in this region that deserve attention. One is the Bixby Creek Bridge, (also known as Bixby Canyon Bridge). Located on the Big Sur Coast of California and built in 1931, this icon of 20th century architecture is one of the most photographed bridges in all of California due to its clever aesthetic design. The bridge is a reinforced concrete open-spandrel arch bridge, a bridge type not seen often on the West Coast. California has dozens of bridges, but just a rare handful look anything like the iconic and photogenic Bixby Canyon Bridge. Inspired by a bridge that combines aesthetic components with sensible engineering, Anderson Design Group hand rendered vintage poster art of the bridge, an original design done in a landscape format to capture the bridge and the stunning coastal cliffs of Big Sur. Available as a poster, print, banner, notecard, postcard, or metal sign, this artwork would look fantastic on any wall and in any design style. And to learn more about the Bixby Bridge, be sure to check out the website for Visit California.

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