Birmingham, Alabama By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2014

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Established in 1871, Birmingham, Alabama is known for its history in the roots of post-Civil War Reconstruction. The city is a working man’s town, founded on labor in steel mills and blast furnaces. The city continues to this day to be a major economic powerhouse of the South, though Birmingham has diversified much since the Reconstruction Era. Nicknamed the “Magic City” for its prosperity and growth even during hard times, this city earned its place in the American Travel series by Anderson Design Group. To celebrate it, we created an original Joel Anderson illustration with the city’s Vulcan statue in the foreground, and the city skyline in the background. You can order this vintage poster art from our American Travel collection as a framed print, canvas banner, or metal sign. To learn more about Birmingham, check out the Greater Birmingham Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

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