Catalina Island, CA By Aaron Johnson, Joel Anderson, 2018

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Santa Catalina Island is a part of the Channel Islands archipelago and is just 29 miles off the coast of Long Beach, California. The island has a rich history, at times being a location for smuggling, gold digging, and even otter hunting. In the 1920s, William Wrigley developed the island into a tourism destination, and that tradition of tourism continues to this day. Currently, while a few thousand people do live on the island, most of the commerce that occurs there has to do with tourism. ADG handcrafted this 1920s illustration of the island, much as it would have looked during the time period when tourism was first being promoted there. Enjoy this vintage travel poster to remember a fond trip to this beautiful southern California paradise. To learn more about the island, visit the Catalina Island Conservancy.

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