Chattanooga: Tennessee River By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2010

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The Tennessee River is one of the most well known landmarks in Chattanooga. The impressive waterway runs right through downtown Chattanooga, an unmistakable presence in this pleasant, scenic city. The river also serves a historical significance too, as the city itself was built off of river commerce back in the early-1800s. Today, the Tennessee River hosts multiple tourist attractions upon its calm, gentle waters, attractions like the Southern Belle Riverboat and of course plenty of kayaking. Anderson Design Group handcrafted this original illustration of the river and its many bridges as an addition to our popular American Travel series. This vintage art is modeled after the Golden Age of Illustration artwork of the early-1900s, a truly special way to remember our favorite cities. To learn more about Chattanooga, don’t forget to visit the Chattanooga Area Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

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