Chattanooga, TN: Lookout Mountain By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2018

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Lookout Mountain has another name, a much older name. The Creek Indian tribes used to call Lookout Mountain “Chattanooga.” So, in a way, the city itself was named after the brilliant peak. Lookout Mountain offers excellent hiking, breathtaking views, and plenty of fresh air just minutes from downtown Chattanooga. To celebrate the mountain and its many attractions, our illustrators at Anderson Design Group fashioned this turn-of-the-century vintage poster art in a depiction of the mountain’s peak and one of its waterfalls. The American Travel series by ADG inspires a romantic sensation of longing for these gems of our great nation, reminding us of places we’ve been, places we’ve lived, or places we’ve yet to explore. Celebrate Lookout Mountain with your own canvas banner or framed print. To learn more, check out the Chattanooga Area Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

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