Chicago: Horizontal Skyline By Joel Anderson, 2013

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Who could forget the skyline, one of the most impressive features of Chicago? Second only to New York City for total number of skyscrapers in the U.S., the skyline of the Windy City is truly magnificent. In fact, the Chicago skyline is seventh in the world for total number of skyscrapers. Inspired by those towering wonders of human ingenuity and design, Anderson Design Group handcrafted a panoramic illustration of the skyline at sunset, depicting the beauty of these monoliths silhouetted against the last rays of daylight. Show off your love for Chi-Town with a sweeping canvas banner of this mid-1900s vintage illustration, or conserve wall space with a framed postcard or set of notecards. To learn more about the city’s many skyscrapers, click on over to the Chicago Visitor Center.

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