Detroit: Ambassador Bridge By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2017

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Detroit has many structures which have earned national recognition for their historical significance, their majesty, their importance to the city, etc. But few such structures rival the Ambassador Bridge, a truly international feat of architecture that connects Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Canada. This is the busiest bridge in terms of trade in North America, a highly-traversed bridge that carries 25% of all merchandise between the U.S. and Canada. Taking inspiration in this true workhorse of American commerce, Anderson Design Group drew and colored this illustration, styling the artwork after the early-20th century travel posters that romanticize the heartland of America. Show your love for Detroit with this vintage poster as a framed print, canvas, metal sign, or canvas banner. And to learn more about the bridge and other attractions, check out the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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