Flagstaff, AZ By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2017

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Flagstaff, Arizona welcomes you. This is a pioneering town, a city rich with history in the cowboy era of the mid-1800s. The city began as a lumbering and ranching center. Then Flagstaff boomed when the railroad arrived. In fact, the railroad network leading in and out of Flagstaff if still quite important to this day, as the city is currently a major hub for commerce and transportation of goods. The city is also known for its tourism, as the town is not far from points of interest like Grand Canyon National Park and Humphrey’s Peak. To celebrate the western cowboy wilderness just outside of Flagstaff, Anderson Design Group handcrafted this vintage travel poster art, styling the design after the WPA- commissioned artwork of the early-20th century. To learn more about Flagstaff, check out the Flagstaff Visitor Center.

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