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Hawaii: Tropical Paradise By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2018

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What could be more iconic of the Hawaiian Islands than blue sky above, yellow sand beaches, bright aquamarine waters, green mountains, and beautiful wildlife? Aloha from Hawaii indeed! This vintage travel poster art is an excellent depiction of everything that we know and love about the island state, a truly tropical paradise. Anderson Design Group fashioned this illustration by hand, using only our artist’s tools of brushes, pencils, and a stylus. The classic poster is styled after the WPA-commissioned artwork of the early-20th century, often referred to as the Golden Age of Illustration. Splash a little color on the wall back home with a framed print, canvas banner, or metal sign depiction of this brilliant image. And to learn more about possible activities for your next Hawaiian adventure, be sure to check out the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

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notecard dimensions: 4.5" x 6" when folded

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