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Hudson River Valley: Palisades By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2017

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The Palisades are a National Landmark, a very interesting and unique line of cliffs on the Hudson River. Though most of this region is relatively flat, the Palisades erupt from the banks of the Hudson, climbing anywhere from 300 to 540 feet and spanning about 20 miles. The cliffs are likely the most dramatic geological feature that is within near vicinity of New York City. Inspired by those impressive cliffs so close to a major urban area, Anderson Design Group handcrafted an American Travel art piece to commemorate the cliffs. This vintage travel poster art reflects the majesty of the cliffs as they open wide into a protected bay. To learn more about the Palisades, check out the Palisades Parks Conservancy.

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postcard dimensions: 4.5" x 6"

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