Indianapolis, IN: Vintage Racer By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2016

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Indianapolis has a rich history as a racing town. Established in 1821, the city had its first race in 1911, not long after automobiles were first invented. Since then, Indiana has been the international capital for car racing, creating infamy with racing events held annually at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The most famous race is the Indy 500, a 500 mile race where contestants zip around the speedway for 200 laps. Anderson Design Group hand-illustrated this vintage travel poster art as a reminiscent throwback to the Indy 500’s first years, back when race cars looked a lot different than they do today. Order this retro poster as a reminder of the racetrack and its history, or gift it to a friend. To learn more about the racetrack and other points of interest in Indianapolis, check out the Indianapolis Visitor Center.

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