Koko Crater: Koko Head, Hawaii By Derek Anderson, Joel Anderson, 2023

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Koko Crater, Hanauma Bay, and other nearby tuff cones form the Koko Rift Zone, which marks the most recent episode of volcanic activity on the island of Oahu. Some researchers think the latest eruption within the Koko Rift Zone occurred 7,000 years ago. Its elevation is 1,208 ft (368 m), making it the tallest and most preserved tuff cone in the area. Koko Head is the headland that defines the eastern side of Maunalua Bay along the southeastern quadrant of the Island of Oahu in Hawaii. On its western slope is the community of Portlock, a part of Hawaiʻi Kai. Rendered by the artists of Anderson Design Group, this classic design and original poster art is available as a canvas, a framed art piece, a metal sign, poster, print, or even as a postcard or set of notecards. If this vintage art inspires you to learn more about Koko Crater, check out the website for the Best of Oahu. https://www.andersondesigngroupstore.com/a/collections/american-travel/kokocraterkokoheadhawaii

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