Lake Tahoe: Chilly Dipping By Kai Carpenter, Joel Anderson, 2017

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Did you know that the average surface water temperature of Lake Tahoe is about 51 degrees Fahrenheit? Even in the heat of the summer this lake doesn’t get much warmer than 65 degrees. But that doesn’t stop vacationers and travelers alike from plunging into the cool, clear depths of this beautiful alpine lake. Inspired by the bright blue waters and rocky shores of Tahoe, Anderson Design Group’s own Kai Carpenter created a vivid oil painting of the lake, highlighting the pristine nature of Lake Tahoe. This painting was styled after early-1900s artwork, the hallmark and signature technique of our American Travel series. Order this print as a romantic, nostalgic reminder of a favored trip to Lake Tahoe, or purchase this illustration as a gift. To learn more about recreation opportunities at the lake, check out the Lake Tahoe Visitor Bureau.

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