Lake Tahoe: Summer Splendor By Michael Korfhage, Joel Anderson, 2014

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Welcome to Lake Tahoe. Visited by about three million people every year whilst only having a year- round resident population of about 53,000, it’s safe to say that this pristine lake and the pleasant community that surrounds it is one of the most desirable travel locations in the United States. The region has immense history too, dating all the way back to 1844 when the town of Lake Tahoe was founded by John C. Fremont. To celebrate over 170 years of lakeside history, our Anderson Design Group artists created this illustration of the lake by hand. If Lake Tahoe is a favorite travel destination for you or one of your family members, this vintage travel poster art would make the perfect addition to a home’s decor. To learn more about the lake, click on over to the Lake Tahoe Visitor Bureau.

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